We are not all equal when it comes to weight loss

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We are not all equal when it comes to weight loss

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We have already proven, while some eat without getting fat and one gram other at the slightest carelessness. It is an established fact, are not all equal in weight gain and therefore not before the Diet.

To break this injustice the Innéov laboratories, in collaboration with nutritionists have developed Diet Partner: 3 nutritional supplements that provide adequate nutrients able to act on the changes in the body to accompany him on his loss weight.

Support you at every stage of the diet with the creation of the first program that makes online support team spirit the key condition for the success of the diet . You will be supported / o advised / or their experts in nutrition, shape and beauty in every key stage of the diet in order to achieve your weight loss goal.


At the beginning of your diet reduced caloric intake your body and stomach must adapt to a decrease in power. You feel hunger or appetite. To help not skip the diet Innéov created Diet Partner Fase Shock.

To do Innéov selected konjac plant fibers. On contact with water these fibers are gradually swell up to occupy up to 20% of the volume of the stomach, producing a satiating effect essential nature at the beginning of the diet to avoid hunger.

Inneov Diet Partner


We are not all equal when it comes to weight loss, for some it is quick and easy while others are more difficult to lose weight.

To accompany you during the active phase of the diet , the Innéov laboratories have created Reducing Diet Partner Fase.

After 140 years of research in nutritional science Nestle, the associated laboratories Innéov first Vitamin B8 LPR Lactobacillus , thus helping to improve the functioning of food metabolism . And for reducing fatigue often present during the diet combined with vitamin B3 .

Fase Reductora


At the end of the stabilization phase diet is the decisive phase for the success of the diet. One of the main causes of failure of most diets is not respecting this phase.

Therefore the Innéov laboratories have created Diet Partner Stabilization Phase , to accompany after diet and stabilize weight loss through a unique combination of mineral assets and natural: glucosamine marina , calcium and green tea extract . A dual action to care for muscle function and proper functioning of digestive enzymes after the diet.

Fase de estabilización


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