The importance of UV Radiation Index

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The importance of UV Radiation Index

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The good weather, sunny days and bathrooms on the beach. We began to hear about new ultraviolet rays, sunscreen, sunscreens and umbrellas.

Living on the Costa del Sol and Marbella, it’s good to know what we face in each sunbath on the beach before going to the pharmacy.

There are three types of UV penetration depending on our skin,

  • UVC: from short wavelength. Most of them are blocked by the ozone layer and have little penetration into the dermis.
  • UVB: the mean wavelength. Cause sunburn and skin cancer. They also stimulate the melanocytes to form a dark pigment called melanin, which acts as the body’s natural protection against sun damage.
  • UVA: of long wavelength. Penetrate deep into the skin. They can cause long-term damage such as wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer.

Very different factors involved in the calculation of ultraviolet radiation, among them are

  • The season: in winter the UVI is lower than in summer.
  • Time of Day
  • The altitude
  • Latitude: in geographic regions near the Ecuador, the UVI is greater than remote.
  • The ozone layer is higher in the ICU a corresponding thinning of the ozone layer areas.

To learn how to protect ourselves from the sun must know what is the UV radiation index, a concept that creams and sunscreen lotions are based.

Indice de Radiación UV

Radiation UV Index is a measure of orientation that allows us to know what the value of sun exposure we received. For this, the intensity of UVB that reaches us is quantified. It is determined for each day and at noon.


The calculation is based on the relationship between the angle at which the sun is located in different seasons, total ozone measurements. Measurements of ozone column are performed by the NASA TOMS sensor on board the satellite EARTH PROBE. The values range between 0 and 20.


  • LOW (BETWEEN 0-3)
  • ALTO (BETWEEN 7-9)
  • EXTREME over 10

If you want to know the value for your day at the beach or camping trips you can do from here on Meteorological Agency

Knowing Index UV Radiation and our skin type we can calculate the maximum time in the sun in our area.

Ratio of maximum solar exposure | Pharmacy Albatros Marbella


Wear a hat, sunglasses and cover with appropriate clothing.

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