The benefits of probiotics

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The benefits of probiotics

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probioticosThey are live microorganisms that provide optimal amounts ingested in great benefits to our body.
For a probiotic microorganism it is considered must not only stay alive, but also to “survive” with a significant count, after crossing the barriers of the digestive system.

Probiotics help us to maintain intestinal health, strengthen the body’s natural defenses and protect it from harmful bacteria. Speakers preventing harmful bacteria from sticking to the walls of the digestive system and increase the immune system’s response to stressors.

In short:

  • Reinforce our defenses.
  • They help improve digestion.
  • Recovering the balance of intestinal flora.

probioticos2A variety of products on the market, the Albatros Pharmacy recommends using

  • Arkoprobiotics defenses: Offers a composition combining probiotics, zinc and selenium act synergistically to strengthen the body’s defenses.
  • Arkorpobiotics + Royal Jelly: To improve the resistance to fatigue and have more emerged.
  • Arkoprobiotics vitamins + defenses: Besides the benefits of probiotics, it contains vitamins A, B and vitamin C that help our bodies get the energy needed for daily activity and boost the immune system.
  • Arkoprobiotics intestinal transit
  • Arkoprobiotics intestinal flora and welfare: Includes probiotics and selenium. In cases of intestinal imbalance (long takes of antibiotics, diarrhea, etc …), help regenerate and rebalance the flora.
  • Arkoprobiotics vaginal flora

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