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Its function is to prevent, correct, protect and preserve healthy hair; promoting regeneration and healthy.

A proper hair treatment can correct from a mild condition to eliminate a problem that causes hair loss.


The skin on our bodies need special care such as hydration and exfoliation to prevent drying and flaking.

The body cosmetics including moisturizers, exfoliants, reducers, depilatories, anti acne, hygienic, anti-cellulite treatments, etc.

Desodorante Vichy | Farmacia Albarizas de Marbella


The facial cosmetic primary mission to provide treatment to the skin of our face so that it look healthy and good looking.

COLLAGEN C | Farmacia Albarizas de Marbella


More and more men who care about their physical appearance and health: male beauty is no longer a taboo, and its aesthetic concerns are balding and delay as much as possible the signs of aging.

SOMATOLINE HOMBRE | Farmacia Albarizas de Marbella



Nutricosmetics looking through personal care products and nutritional principles concentrates extracted from Nature.


It is the crossing point between food and personal care in order to take care of inside.


Line Roger Gallet

After 2 centuries, the House Roger Gallet cultivates the art of refined fragrance to approach the benefits of freshness and offer every moment of being a natural touch and a concentrate of emotions resurface from the inside.

Linea Roger Gallet | Farmacia Albarizas de Marbella

Feet – Hands

Cosmetic foot and hands are products that help us look better and toes, moisturizing, anti-stain, Antidurezas, nail treatments, …

Neutrogena crema pies


Solar cosmetics can help the skin against dehydration and nourish it with essential vitamins and minerals remain soft texture. You can enhance and maximize the tanning getting darker and lasting tan.

Gama de productos solares


Toothbrushes are important for oral hygiene, its function is to remove food debris from the teeth, gums and tongue, also prevent halitosis (bad breath) and problems of caries.

Cepillo de dientes

Dental childcare

Brushing teeth in children should start from 4-6 months of age, when her first tooth, or since only stops feeding and begins to eat porridge, soups and other foods.

cuidado dental infantil


They are solutions that are often used to maintain oral hygiene after brushing to remove bacteria and microorganisms that cause cavities and eliminate unpleasant breath.

Oraldine | Farmacia Albarizas


Cylindrical brushes teeth are much smaller than a standard toothbrush.

It is used to clean the interproximal space, ie that between tooth and tooth.

Cepillos interdentales


The function of the irrigator is the direct application of a pulsating jet of water or other solution to more effectively remove plaque in places where other machines can not reach.

Irrigador dental

Orthodontics and Prosthetics

During orthodontic treatment, brackets, arches or metal bands braces protruding teeth and can cause injury by friction with the tongue or the inside of the cheeks.

Barrtias de cera para ortodoncias


The dentifrice or toothpaste is used for cleaning teeth, usually with a toothbrush.

They often contain fluorine.

pasta dientes kin | Farmacia Albarizas

Silks and ribbons

They are a set of thin filaments of nylon or plastic used to remove small pieces of food and dental plaque from teeth. The combined yarn with tooth brushing prevents gum infections.

Seda Dental | Farmacia Albatros

Bleaching treatments

Teeth whitening is a revolutionary cosmetic dental treatment is able to reduce various shades the original color of the teeth, leaving teeth whiter and brighter.

Tratamiento blanqueante

Treatments ulcers, sores

Sores or ulcers are lesions of the mucous membranes of the mouth in the form of small craters white or yellow surrounded by a reddish, painful and non-infectious and caused by various factors circle.

ulceras bucales y aftas | Farmacia Albarizas

Wounds treatments

Canker sores can be caused by several factors, the most common are those caused by herpes labialis, in which case it is a viral infection inflammatory type.

Tratamiento heridas bucales | Farmacia Albatros

Sensitive Teeth

If every time you eat hot or cold drinks or when you eat something sweet feel a brief but sharp pain, you suffer from tooth sensitivity. Also known as hypersensitivity.

dientes sensibles | Farmacia Albarizas

Pregnancy and lactation

For special care of expectant mothers and nursing mothers, we performed a careful selection of products from top brands that will help you better take care of yourself and your baby.

Embarazo y lactancia | Farmacia Albarizas

Baby Food

When it comes to infant feeding should be borne in mind that children’s preferences change often, they are continually experimenting and learning. We must be patient.

Alimentación infantil | Farmacia Albarizas

Children’s Accessories

The world baby needs a special experience and knowledge, we have a selection of brands and a complete range of bottles, pacifiers, nipples, teethers, toys …

Complementos infantiles | Farmacia Albarizas

Hygiene and Child Care

We have several lines of children cosmetics Hygiene and daily care of your baby, and others specific to dermatological treatments such as atopy, dermatitis, etc.

Higiene infantil | Farmacia Albarizas

Child Health

We share the concern of parents about the health and welfare of their children, guiding and providing quality products with any questions or problems of child health.

Salud Infantil | Farmacia Albarizas

Treatments and repellents

We repellent lotions based on natural substances without DEET, suitable for children, and with specific and topical products ultrasonic repellents for babies.

Repelentes para insectos | Farmacia Albarizas

Natural care

Natural medicine gives us countless herbs and supplements combined, can help alleviate a lot of health problems, cure diseases and to prevent certain conditions.

Cuidados naturales | Farmacia Albarizas

Care of Women

Homeopathy is based on stimulating the body’s own mechanisms to cure various ailments. We have a wide range of homeopathic products for the care of women.

Cuidados de la mujer | Farmacia Albarizas


Learn about alternative and natural treatments for weight loss. Ask our nutritionists on natural diets, exercises, recipes and natural remedies for weight loss.



There’s more than one way to use plants or products provided by nature as a source of personal health. Which is closer to our fingertips are infusions.

capsulas de salud | Farmacia Albarizas

Ocular hygiene

The eyes are fundamental organs in our day and require hygiene …

Higiene y cuidado ocular | Farmacia Albarizas

Eye care

… And special care to keep in mind every day.

Cuidado ocular | Farmacia Albarizas

Tired Vista Eyewear

We have a wide range of glasses for farsightedness.

gafas vista cansada | Farmacia Albarizas


Mobility devices are essential to deal with a physical disability (temporary or disabling) and very useful for improving the quality of life.

Dispositivos de movilidad | Farmacia Albarizas


Ortopodología Our specialists will help you find the solution to the ailments of his feet.

Ortopodología | Farmacia Albarizas


Noninvasive have specialized designs for osteoarthritis problems and damage to ligaments …

Productos de ortésis | Farmacia Albarizas


… To the treatment of spine, podiatry and sports products.

Ortésis deportiva | Farmacia Albarizas


Exceeds periods of stress, hormonal and emotional factors (woman) improves performance in your relationships (man) with our natural supplements.

Aquilea  Vigor el y ella | Farmacia Albarizas

Lubricants and gels

Lubricants and gels are good allies to relieve vaginal dryness during sexual relationships. Leave shame aside and ask us if you have any doubts.

Lubricantes y geles | Farmacia Albarizas


Today there are a variety of types of condoms that are tailored to each of our needs, choose the one that suits you best and enjoy your sexual life.

Preservativos | Farmacia Albarizas

Test pregnancy and ovulation

Learn more accurately with ovulation tests when designing and using pregnancy tests see the most reliably if you are pregnant.

Test de embarazo y ovulacion | Farmacia Albarizas


We have professionals who will guide you in caring for your pet …


Cuidamos de tu mascota | Farmacia Albarizas


… And in the prevention of disease and pest control.


Cuidamos de tu mascota | Farmacia Albarizas

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