How to prevent premature aging of bones

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How to prevent premature aging of bones

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Despite his hard and unchanging appearance, bone is a living tissue aging us slowly but steadily.
To keep in shape there are 3 GOLDEN RULES


With sedentary favor aging muscles and fragility of bones, tendons and joints.



Supera el dolor con la ayuda de Farmacia Albatros de Marbella RULE TWO: FIGHTING THE PAIN
There is no cure for rheumatic diseases which modern medicine focuses on reducing pain with glucosamine and chondroitin which slow down cartilage wear, help to regenerate articular and maintain the strength and flexibility of joints.

COLLAGEN and hyaluronic acid and collagen is the major constituent protein of cartilage and which provides strength and elasticity buffers serving for bones. Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen production improves making joint lubrication. VITAMIN C and D that are essential for the synthesis of collagen in cartilage and vitamin D regulates the flow of calcium from bones by promoting bone mineralization


Alimenta tus huesos con la ayuda de Farmacia Albatros de Marbella THIRD RULE: BONES AND MUSCLES FEEDS

For this we need calcium and magnesium

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