How to prevent cystitis

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How to prevent cystitis

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Cystitis urinary tract infections are very common in summer by the continued use of wet clothes (swimwear, bikinis, ….)

What is a probiotic?

Probiotic is a word of Greek origin meaning “for life”

What are probiotics?

This is called “good” bacteria that live in our body (skin, respiratory, digestive, urinary and genital system) and act to promote protection against external agents that can cause disease. These live microorganisms administered in adequate amounts, provide health benefits because they help keep the floras in its optimal state.

What are lactobacilli?

They are beneficial and necessary for the organism bacteria. In the late nineteenth century Albert Doderlein identified the presence in the vagina of these lactobacilli. They are responsible for maintaining an acidic environment in the vagina necessary to prevent growth of microorganisms that can cause disease. Flora Lactobacilli produce no symptoms unless for some reason, the conditions of their environment are altered.

How the flora is unbalanced?

The vaginal flora can be altered with the use of some soaps, with increased moisture (wet clothes and swimsuits) for lack of adequate or wearing very tight pants hygiene. Some drugs also contribute to unbalance the vaginal flora. Also stress, hormonal imbalances, some contraceptives, antibiotics and antifungal treatments can help the vaginal flora appear unbalanced and vaginal infections.

Why often recommend probiotics when we take antibiotics?

Because antibiotics not only kill bacteria that cause infection but also good. This produces an alteration of the flora with probiotics is recommended to complete.
Another product used to prevent cystitis is an American cranberry concentrate avoiding relapses.

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