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We are not all equal when it comes to weight loss

Posted by on 18 May 2015 in English Blog, Nutritionist | Comments Off on We are not all equal when it comes to weight loss

We are not all equal when it comes to weight loss

We have already proven, while some eat without getting fat and one gram other at the slightest carelessness. It is an established fact, are not all equal in weight gain and therefore not before the Diet.

To break this injustice the Innéov laboratories, in collaboration with nutritionists have developed Diet Partner: 3 nutritional supplements that provide adequate nutrients able to act on the changes in the body to accompany him on his loss weight. (more…)

¿Take care over after 45?

Posted by on 4 May 2015 in English Blog | Comments Off on ¿Take care over after 45?

¿Take care over after 45?

From age 45 usually occur in women a series of changes due to the progressive decline in female hormones estrogen. These changes can affect the welfare of women at various levels:

  • Calcium loss in the bones become more fragile and increases the risk of osteoporosis is accelerated.
  • There is a decrease in collagen content in the skin which is manifested by a loss of elasticity and skin thickness.
  • The way fats are assimilated by the body also varies and this tends to increase cholesterol levels.
  • During a time hot flashes and sweating, sleep disturbances and mood may occur.

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CITRACAL PLENITUD is an effective formula that helps you cope with the changes that your body experiences over the years, so you can continue with your daily pace of life and keep your well-being.

Will help relieve symptoms associated with menopause, maintain skin elasticity, increases and improves the absorption of isoflavones, it helps to balance the intestinal flora and maintain bone density.

Basic rules of sunscreen

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Basic rules of sunscreen

In the previous article we talked about the first basic rule of sunscreen, these are the four basic rules that we must not forget to protect ourselves and our children / as solar radiation.

2.- Avoid sun exposure between 12- 16 hours. It is when the UV index is highest. At these times it is very difficult not to burn. Who avoids the chance avoids the danger.

Health and Sun Exposure

Posted by on 13 April 2015 in English Blog | Comments Off on Health and Sun Exposure

Health and Sun Exposure

Although there is little solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface, their benefits are the effects on our psyche to give us sense of health and stimulation to help synthesize vitamin D, we must protect ourselves from them so systematic .

If we reduce 20% sun exposure will reduce by one third the chance of developing skin cancer. Therefore, protection from the sun is a good decision.

The question is how to protect themselves from solar radiation, for this we propose five basic rules sunscreen that we will see one by one.


How to prevent premature aging of bones

Posted by on 9 April 2015 in English Blog | Comments Off on How to prevent premature aging of bones

How to prevent premature aging of bones

Despite his hard and unchanging appearance, bone is a living tissue aging us slowly but steadily.
To keep in shape there are 3 GOLDEN RULES


With sedentary favor aging muscles and fragility of bones, tendons and joints.

The importance of UV Radiation Index

Posted by on 6 April 2015 in English Blog | Comments Off on The importance of UV Radiation Index

The importance of UV Radiation Index

The good weather, sunny days and bathrooms on the beach. We began to hear about new ultraviolet rays, sunscreen, sunscreens and umbrellas.

Living on the Costa del Sol and Marbella, it’s good to know what we face in each sunbath on the beach before going to the pharmacy.

There are three types of UV penetration depending on our skin,

  • UVC: from short wavelength. Most of them are blocked by the ozone layer and have little penetration into the dermis.
  • UVB: the mean wavelength. Cause sunburn and skin cancer. They also stimulate the melanocytes to form a dark pigment called melanin, which acts as the body’s natural protection against sun damage.
  • UVA: of long wavelength. Penetrate deep into the skin. They can cause long-term damage such as wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer.

Very different factors involved in the calculation of ultraviolet radiation, among them are

  • The season: in winter the UVI is lower than in summer.
  • Time of Day
  • The altitude
  • Latitude: in geographic regions near the Ecuador, the UVI is greater than remote.
  • The ozone layer is higher in the ICU a corresponding thinning of the ozone layer areas.

To learn how to protect ourselves from the sun must know what is the UV radiation index, a concept that creams and sunscreen lotions are based.

Indice de Radiación UV

Radiation UV Index is a measure of orientation that allows us to know what the value of sun exposure we received. For this, the intensity of UVB that reaches us is quantified. It is determined for each day and at noon.


The calculation is based on the relationship between the angle at which the sun is located in different seasons, total ozone measurements. Measurements of ozone column are performed by the NASA TOMS sensor on board the satellite EARTH PROBE. The values range between 0 and 20.


  • LOW (BETWEEN 0-3)
  • ALTO (BETWEEN 7-9)
  • EXTREME over 10

If you want to know the value for your day at the beach or camping trips you can do from here on Meteorological Agency

Knowing Index UV Radiation and our skin type we can calculate the maximum time in the sun in our area.

Ratio of maximum solar exposure | Pharmacy Albatros Marbella


Wear a hat, sunglasses and cover with appropriate clothing.

Do not let the skin, enjoying the sun

Posted by on 30 March 2015 in English Blog | Comments Off on Do not let the skin, enjoying the sun

Do not let the skin, enjoying the sun

It is a cliché to say that the skin has memory, from birth began to receive solar radiation are added. The skin sunburn can forgive but not forget the radiation received and will come a time in life where you may begin to appear derivatives such as photoaging and skin cancer problems.

Skin care

Posted by on 29 March 2015 in English Blog | Comments Off on Skin care

Skin care

With the title “Skin Care” initiated a series of articles that we want to help prevent irreversible damage to our skin.
“The skin has memory” is not a topic to scare us, we must learn to enjoy the sun without being skin. Sunburn is the main risk of skin cancer, but small amounts of ultraviolet radiation are beneficial to health and desempañan an essential role in the production of vitamin D.
Excess ultraviolet radiation causes mutations in cellular DNA and genetic alterations induced skin tumor formation, oxidative stress cause produces free radicals and related accelerated skin and reduce the aging immune system effectiveness.

Body fat, does a problem for you?

Posted by on 29 March 2015 in English Blog | Comments Off on Body fat, does a problem for you?

Body fat, does a problem for you?

Body fat is usually determined by both genetic and environmental factors, especially diet and physical activity level.
The problem of body fat is not only excessive, but poor distribution in the body. The result is the accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body such as abdomen, buttocks, hips …. they need specific custom solutions.

How to prevent cystitis

Posted by on 29 March 2015 in English Blog | Comments Off on How to prevent cystitis

How to prevent cystitis

Cystitis urinary tract infections are very common in summer by the continued use of wet clothes (swimwear, bikinis, ….)

What is a probiotic?

Probiotic is a word of Greek origin meaning “for life”

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