Basic rules of sunscreen

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Basic rules of sunscreen

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In the previous article we talked about the first basic rule of sunscreen, these are the four basic rules that we must not forget to protect ourselves and our children / as solar radiation.

2.- Avoid sun exposure between 12- 16 hours. It is when the UV index is highest. At these times it is very difficult not to burn. Who avoids the chance avoids the danger.

3. – Clothing and Accessories

Clothing: no SPF clothing. Fabrics treated with chemicals whose degree of protection is five times using heavy fabrics, slightly porous and dark

Hats: to shade the face and protect your ears and neck

Eyeglass: approved and filter UVB and UVA

4.- Shadow

People are likely to use the shade if it is available. The shade can reduce the total exposure of UV radiation by up to 75%

5.- Who should be protected?

The children

If there is a risk group to be protected from solar radiation are the Boys and Girls. They must exercise caution.

All children under 3 years old should not be exposed to direct sunlight because their immune system is not yet developed. Besides international health authorities recommend not using sunscreens in children <6 months.

Keep in mind that the number of sunburns in childhood increases the risk of skin cancer in adulthood.

Grown Ups

For adults protection from solar radiation is necessary

  • For your own risk for skin cancer.
  • As a model of behavior. Children COPY CONDUCT, if you protect yourself, your child will be protected.

Finally, in what circumstances should I protect myself?

Whenever the UV Index is equal to or greater than 3, and in any outdoor activities. DAILY PROTECTION MUST BE not forget that we are in LA COSTA DEL “SOL”.

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